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 Kuala Lumpur
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Transportation to Type
TRANSFERSIC (Sharing Basis)CarVanVan
Min 2 PaxMax 2 PaxMax 7 PaxMax 10 Pax
Kuala Lumpur
KUL 015
Kuala Lumpur City to City Hotels
USD 15.00USD 25.00USD 30.00USD 35.00
KUL 014
Kuala Lumpur City to Cameron Highlands
USD 166.00USD 205.00USD 280.00
KUL 013
Kuala Lumpur City to Kuala Tembeling Jetty
USD 130.00USD 170.00USD 205.00
KUL 012
Kuala Lumpur City to Penang Hotels
USD 205.00USD 240.00USD 280.00
KUL 011
kuala Lumpur City to Lumut Jetty
USD 166.00USD 195.00USD 250.00
KUL 010
Kuala Lumpur City to Malacca City Hotels
USD 140.00USD 170.00USD 205.00
KUL 009
Kuala Lumpur City to Port Dickson Hotels
USD 70.00USD 82.00USD 105.00
KUL 008
Kuala Lumpur City to Genting Highlands
USD 25.00USD 40.00USD 45.00USD 60.00
KUL 007
Kuala Lumpur City to Petaling Jaya / Subang / Sunway Hotels
USD 15.00USD 20.00USD 25.00USD 30.00
KUL 006
Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Cameron Highlands
USD 185.00USD 210.00USD 276.00
KUL 005
Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Kuala Tembeling Jetty
USD 150.00USD 185.00USD 222.00
KUL 004
Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Malacca City
USD 112.00USD 130.00USD 150.00
KUL 003
Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Lumut Jetty
USD 185.00USD 205.00USD 260.00
KUL 002
Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Genting Highlands
USD 30.00USD 50.00USD 80.00USD 90.00
KUL 001
Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Kuala Lumpur City Hotels
USD 20.00USD 30.00USD 40.00USD 60.00
Kedah / Langkawi

Terms & Conditions

  • All rates are quoted in USD and subject to change withour prior notice.
  • All transfers are based on English Speaking driver cum guide
  • Rates are based on per vehicle per way

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